Inherent Light~

The dance of creation is perfect in all of her exquisite manifestations and even the so called “demons” are merely teachers in disguise, gently and yet sometimes brutally guiding us to the *home* we never left~ Thank you, Shiva for dancing so gracefully on the skulls of our illusions~~!
Whether floating quietly down the river or completely immersed in life’s unending, chaotic turbulence, the “I” see’s all of it from a place of equanimity and come~passion~ There Is no journey to this realization, yet a “journey” appears in ^time^~ Whether embracing the dancing demons in the darkness or rising above the illusion of “self” and “other”, our paths here, our collective souls’s destiny remains the same, de~construction, resurrection, realization and reunion with the shadow which has no shadow, no substance and no validity save, That which we add unto it~ It is the thinking mind’s job to separate in order to experience this Divine Creation~ As we *see* this and move into a place of allowance, knowing that all parts converge to make the whole, we can let the “story” of appearance unfold with no attachment to a result or future outcome~ We can get  utterly wrapped up in the movie, crying deeply at the sad parts, letting ourselves get completely crushed by the gravity of human emotion~ We can feel the sheer elation of triumph over adversity in the movie, the power of the human spirit, the inherent bond between what is called “Us” and… “All of Life”~ It seems that we are in the audience, yet it Also seems like we are the actor in the movie, moreover and ultimately we Are the Light shining through the Divine projector which makes all appearance possible as it plays out upon the screen of awareness~ The script is perfectly penned, the actor passionately poised  and the props are, well… Only props~ What is real and who we Are never changes… THIS you already Know, Inherently Right Now~

Copyright © Satprem 2012


4 thoughts on “Inherent Light~

  1. Gorgeous post. I really enjoy the comparison of our journey to a movie, in various ways. Really well done. One of my favorite lines: “then we can let the “story” of appearance unfold with no attachment to a future outcome”, I love that. And the image you found is utterly perfect to go with this important point you are making. Thank you for sharing it here. Namaste. Love to you Bright Light, ~Gina

    • Oh~! Thank you, Dear Heart, for visiting and for your kind comment~ It just spilled out this morning as I was thinking of much I get wrapped up in a movie, as if I were actually There…In the movie, As the character, feeling, experiencing all of the same emotions and then… The lights come on and all I see is the screen as I crunch through the spilled popcorn and make my way out into the day and my own movie~ 😉

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