Those who know me well, Know that have Thoroughly indulged in the dance of opposites~

From the seemingly spiritual esoteric sage~poet to the insecure egomaniac…The “Black Sheep”, plagued (and Blessed) by addiction, anxiety, fear and selfishness~

None of these are “Who *I* AM”….. In Essence~
As I spread All parts of this persona upon the altar of life, as I reveal and bring into the light all of the “seeming” aspects of Satprem, I am freed from the illusion that I am one OR the other~
I am both All and None of these expressions~
As I admit (let in) all of my “Human” frailities, fears, and foipols, they loose their power and I find myself, Happily in the midst and in the arms of my Human Family~
As I share with you, All of my “Humaness” as well as my inherent “Divinity”, I am giving you the opportunity to trust me enough to share these same expressions with me~
When I am authentic, in the Deeper Knowing AND in my human conditioning, I open the door for you to come in to yourself and to Love and express All parts of Your unfoldment with me~ Knowing, Always Knowing that you are Not Alone in your fears and your pain, your Inspiration and your Highest Truth~~

 With all of that said, I thought that I would share a little more of a detailed Bio, as I always enjoy knowing more about the seeming “person” who’s words I am reading , art I am viewing or music I am listening to~

In the appearance, I am 51 years young, Father of 6 and Grand Father of five~

I have been writing poetry since I was eight years old and it is truly my Greatest Joy (besides my children and grand children) to write and read all forms of literary expression~ What I post on the blog here is poetry and writings from my entire life, in and through many different circumstances and states of being, both high and low, dark and light, human and divine~ 

Having grown up (still growing) in quite a few different environments and with many different relatives, I had the opportunity to explore all of their bookshelves, paradigms and belief systems~ My Father’s bookshelf was my favorite and had a vast amount of books on philosophy, religion, spirituality, science and metaphysics and this being so, some of the first things that I read as a youngster were books like “Be Here Now” by Ram Dass, Poetry by Rumi and many other Eastern mystics, “The Dancing Wu Li Masters” was one of my favorites and opened my eyes to other ways of perceiving this reality~ I also loved fiction/fantasy works and my favorite authors were Tolkien, Frank Herbert, Ursula K. Le Guin, Madeleine L’Engle, Isaac Asimov, C.S. Lewis and was absolutely enraptured by Arthurian Legend and especially Mary Stewart’s books~ I din’t really start reading the contemporary poets till I was in my twenties and although I love a lot of their works, my favorite poetry comes from the East~ My favorite epic poem is “Savitri” by Sri Auribindo and one of his disciples, “Satprem” is one of my absolute Favorite writers~ “On the way to Supermanhood” is a Great Read by him~

I started this blog primarily to get the words out of my journal’s and spiral notebooks and into book form (first the blog) and because of a desire to share my particular expression with my human Family~ I am very open to learning more about creative writing and am open to any feedback that may be offered~ 

Thank you for taking the time to visit this cyber~container and I truly look forward to making connections, reading, viewing and hearing the magnificent art available here in the blogging universe~

Blessings of Love~ _(*)_ Namaste’~


43 thoughts on “About

  1. Beautiful open and honest blog and it moved me. I too am keen to get my journal entries down in a book but am starting with a blog. I love that you are open about the different sides of the person that is you. This week I have been deeply touched by the passing away of a young man – suffering from addiction, at the age of 36. I wish he had been able to open himself up to help from others who understood – instead he wrote beautiful poetry which was not appreciated/or seen until his funeral service! Share your story to help others and be gentle with yourself.

  2. Oh My~! Thank you for this~ I am stashing the 3 awards that this blog has been nominated for, in a folder and will accept, nominate and participate when I feel like I have explored other blogs enough to honestly nominate other deserving bloggers~ I Absolutely appreciate the award but feel to get more acquainted with, not only “wordpress” but this wonderful blogging community~ Blessings of Love~

  3. Lovely bio. I have to giggle, because when I first looked at your blog, today, I saw age 8 on your bee poem, and I thought this was an eight year old’s blog. hee hee. Lovely to find your blog. Light to you, Sam 🙂

    • Oh~! Thank you,Dear Heart~~ Just hearing from you has Blessed “my” moment…Completely~! I will certainly visit the link and continue this awesome conversation~ Thank you for replying~ Love Only,

  4. Hello dear Satprem, I have now joined the ranks of those like you who have chosen to not do awards at this time. However I have mentioned you and provided links to this wonderful blog a couple of times in my final awards post, so I wanted you to know about it. Here’s to focussing on sharing the love and light we feel abundantly within out to the world! ~Warm Hugs, Gina

    • Deeply acknowledged, Gina and as I mentioned on your blog, creating dialogue, conversation, connection and communion is what I love most about the blogging experience~ Feeling so blessed to have connected with you and look forward to many moons together here, spilling our souls upon the altar of life’s grand, creative un~foldment~
      Blessings of Love to you and yours~

  5. In deed your words reflect the intricacies of life and the depth lying deep within them… Its an honour to be able to read about such experiences…

  6. there is such a presence in Wisdom as compared to knowledge
    one just is and the other is usually bought and paid for…but then
    the knowledge is someone’s else’s truth….wisdom is one’s own truth….
    no truth is the same, it cannot be for it is an experience… reaction in/of emotions
    I like your wisdom….it speaks of the university of life…your life….
    which is unique when it is your own thoughts you share…
    I like this…I will enjoy wandering through the thoughts you have scrited here in cyberspace…
    Thank you for stopping by….please come again….
    Take Care….
    You Matter…

    • Thank you Dear Heart~ I will certainly be visiting your Masterpiece of a blog and if you will permit me, I would like to put a link to yours from mine~ Blessings~ 🙂 Satprem

      • Thank you ..though I am don’t think of mine as mastrpiece LOLs
        I appreciate you saying so…
        its more like trying to find mortal words to the whispers I hear on the wind and deciphering the language of the heart where it makes sense…especially to me….
        I am gad you like my thoughts..
        come by anytime….
        You are very kind
        Take Care…

  7. Although deeply appreciated, I am not accepting awards at this time~ I put a notice about that on the left sidebar~ I am honored to have been chosen for this and happy that you are enjoying the blog~ Namaste’~ 🙂

  8. Your words are soul touching. I love your side bar… recent ramblings! Wish I had thought of that one! You have an amazing gift. I see a thousand lyrics in each word!

    • Thank you kindly~ It’s been quite some time since I visited my own cyber~space~ I actually haven’t written for a long time … or so it seems~ BeWell~ 🙂

    • Thank you~ I have taken quite a bit of time off from writing, sharing and blogging but I feel the return of inspiration dawning quietly, peeking out over the horizon of my thought~scape~ Maybe something will flow soon, we shall see~

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