Good Morning Beloveds~

The sun is just now peeking over the horizon, casting its warm rays onto the rocky mountains and coloring the clouds in a soft velvety amber glow~
Just sitting on the porch with my eyes closed and giving thanks for this moment and for all of the opportunities there are for me to Love and Live to receive and to give~ 
Feeling Blessed that no matter what transpires in the “appearance” that my ToDo and my ToBe list never changes~
The tree outside of our front door is budding so beautifully and just exuding Life’s Loving re-emergence in the sweet cyclical dance of creation~
The morning birdsong awakens my heart to the deeper knowing that all is exactly as it should be as we float gently through breath in each precious moment~
This exquisite Grand Design has no requirement and needs no resume of deeds done yesterday~
It simply and beautifully unfolds its wings and flies into the skies of opportunity~ 
So many opportunities to Love, to give myself completely away to Its path of peace, its guiding force which turns the great wheel of life so very perfectly, with or without my permission or participation~
The birds and the trees do not carry their yesterday’s into their today’s and dwell not in “should haves” and “could haves”~
They simply and quietly await Love’s profound and perfect impulse to Open more and more to the Love that IS~
To take wing and soar in celebration, singing sweet songs of nature’s consummate and meticulous marvel of symphonic triumph~
Born out of the silence which contains all sound and returning to that container of quietude,
I await the instructions always given when mind and heart are resting in the lap of Love~
The mission Never Changes, though the manifestation constantly shifts~ 
Always knowing that there will be innumerable opportunities to Love Once Again,
My self, My Beautiful Human Family and all of Creation~

Ahhhhhh~~ Good Morning World~ Good Morning Beloved Life~Good Morning Beloveds~



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