The Seeker’s Song~

The search for love’s promised certitude brandished a broken heart~
“True Love” lied and languished in Disney Land delusions~
Time’s painful reproach surreptitiously surrendered~

Crumbling creation stirred forgotten forlorn fantasies~
Bleeding from the gaping wound of wanting anything else~
Badly bruised and broken, striped raw of hope’s wanton wish~

Desperately decaying and denying death’s delight~
Reaching, grasping, clawing for the past’s perfect presentation~
Knowing Only a script of memorized, methodical monologues~

All desirous dreams destroyed in faith’s fiery inferno~
Emptied and as hollow as hell’s hidden harmony~
Birthed once again by misery’s mischievous midwife~

The seeker prostrated to the purpose in the pain~
Embraced the dancing demon in the darkness~
Deliciously destroyed by Lover and Beloved~
Simply sighed in sweet surrender~

Copyright © Satprem 2012


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