Eloquence and dissidence
merge as one in my defense~

Open eyed, too blind to see,
the root of my Divinity~

The sleepers shuffle in the dark,
searching for their hidden spark~

Eyes turned out, they do not see,
the now that owns reality~

Proving ground for all their fears,
magnets for pain, for death and tears~

Forgetful drones can’t own their light,
caress their souls which shine so bright~

The deepest dreamers feel the blade,
the thorns of all their choices made~

Awakened ones doth feel the weight,
with perfect footsteps to their fate~

Filters for the worlds dark hate,
they hold the key to heaven’s gate~


Copyright © 2012

The Last Dance~

As the belief systems implode upon themselves,
as the identities crash to their foundations… I am emptied~

The dark night has, as always, been the creatrix of awakenings~
Death has once again birthed a formless form, an energy spin~

I am the ashes upon the altar of the beloved~
I am the chaos which consumates completion~
I am the beginning and the end and all that lay between~

The spiral dance thirsts not for completion,
spins eternity’s web of seeming life and death~
Always coming home, always home…all ways,
even as the trickster comes to sup~

To serve empty eternal promises and presumptive peace~

Offering moments of eruptive rest between the harsh breaths of this mortal majesty~

Divine feminine and Holy masculine, united, bound, bonded,
joined as one… paired for the last dance…omega.

Nowhere, Now Here to go.. I go, never having left…
Nothing, No Thing to do, I remain beyond loss and gain~ 

Be… I Am~



Copyright © 2012

Photo Credit goes to Terri Nakamura