Today I Am Whole~

I have tried to be all things Good and Holy~
A good Father, Brother, Friend and Mate~
I have fallen short of these goals more that I wanted to, more than I intended to~
I have chased the “feeling” of joy and bliss, peace and contentment in absolutely Every way that I could think of~
I have sought escape from fear and pain in many, many ways~
I have consumed every substance, read every book, changed my diet, done every meditation and yoga known to man in an attempt to rise above the illusion, to stop the mind, the senses and the sadness… to no avail~
I have reached the heights of nirvanic ecstasy and worn the chains of addiction, alcoholism, self hatred, spirituality, knowledge, wisdom and enlightenment ~
Today, This Moment, I know that I am None of these things and acts~
Today, This Moment, I know that I am All of these things and acts~
I am, as you are, All things Human and All things Divine~
Today I can greet the rising sun and know that I know nothing~
Today I can rest here~
Today I am whole~



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