The Searcher~

Time’s empty promise eludes the
searching mind,
finding not, that which is held in hand~

Futility stabs the heart of innocence~
Body withers with its forlorn glance~

Desperately grasping the shifting sands of sense~
Left alone on pathways of empty mist~

Knowing that knowing mirrors not the truth,
changes landscapes but changes not within~

Aches for blindness, ignorance and slumber,
eyes too bright for realms of pain filled gray~

Props and patterns secure the dance of death,
trudges onward searching for the silent sound~

Held within the sorrowful secret of time,
falls forward into womb of aching passion~

Clinging to circles and images worn thin,
never seeing that which heart beholds~

Never tasting the sweetness of his inheratance,
dies a thousand useless deaths of vision~

Body decays, never having found its home~
Too close to see the gift of desperation~

The searcher… finding nothing… gains eternity~



Copyright © 2012

Shades of Gray~

I am sad, lonely and tired,
brilliantly confused and inspired~

I feel all the shades of gray,
I am night and I am day~

I am the demon’s laugh,
I am whole, but living half~

I am utter terror’s scream,
I am not quite what I seem~

I am light and I am song,
I fit in, I don’t belong~

I am you and you are me,
Darkness And Divinity~



Copyright © 2012

Burning Candle~

Flickering candle holds hope for “me”~
Darkness can’t shroud incandescent brilliance~ 

A light in me, duplicity,
I am that I might see
the self same in thee~ 

Never ending journeys back to the veil~
Never quite strong enough to brave the storm,
make the leap, loose the mask…forever~ 

Knowledge binds the intellect
and I wither in its icy grasp~

The soul, so simple in its longing
to convey a message of mindless love.

We are lost in the “me”.~
Nothing beyond a sight so dim and weak,
fallible , our human condition~ 

And yet, the candle burns brightly,
bringing hope to a man
in the middle of nowhere~



Copyright © 2012