When you forget~

In case you forgot that you’re already whole,
I’ll give you these words, the breath of my soul~

Just in case you woke up to thoughts filled with fear,
Let me re~mind you, so your vision is clear~

Perhaps, my Love, if your image is blurred,
just perhaps I can clear the view that’s obscured~

By chance if you open yourself unto me,
I’ll show you the truth of your own purity~

If you let me, I’ll mirror your own sacred Light, 
which sometimes gets hidden from your inner sight~

It’s easy for me to hold your heart dearly, 
until you begin to see your light clearly~

There is nothing on Earth that i’d rather do 
than to love you enough till you can love you~

















Copyright © Satprem 2012


9 thoughts on “When you forget~

    • Thank you Dear~ I’ve been Ultra busy but plan to give the blog some needed attention this week~ I haven’t written an original in some time. so it felt Really good to pen this one~ 🙂

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