Wounded Warriors~

I am moved by a force that is beyond my comprehension,
yet is All I can *see*and comprehend as being Real~
This force which creates and contains All,
is as gentle as the softest rose petal yet as Strong as the Oceans Tide~
This force, this Awesome Power IS the very foundation and is the 
Divine Creator of all of manifested and unseen form~
This impulse which Creates and sustains life as we know it is the invisible
thread of light that ties our souls together as One~
Do not question your life’s purpose any longer,
nor wonder as to your soul’s destiny here in this realm of existence~
No matter what form, function or *part* that you are “playing out”
in the appearance, your purpose and destiny is Always Love~
There is no need for spiritual resumes, perfect paths or lists of
deeds done in the name of what some call “good”~
For it is in the darkest depths of the shadow and pain that the true
Spiritual Army forges and wields the sentient sword of truth~
It is the “wounded warriors” on this planet (and We All Are),
whom have touched the very depths of the illusion,
In Themselves and unveiled its true identity, who carry
the Greatest Weapon of all, Love and Compassion for Ourselves,
in form and thus for all of humanity~
The Power to Forgive Ourselves for what we deem as bad and wrong
and to forgive the seeming “others” who we believe have harmed us
IS the power that will mold and shape the the destiny of this planet
and all generations to come~ 
Forgive those sleepy children who appear as Presidents, Kings and Rulers,
who were born (like you) Pure and Innocent and who were molded,
shaped and conditioned (like you) by their parents, peers, culture,
tradition and societal structures. 
This Forgiveness is truly the Power that IS and will continue to
Transform this paradigm of fear and lack into one of Abundance,
Love and Compassion for self… AS Other~ 
When I “show” I Love You, I Know I AM You~!”

Artwork by Sinja Aussia Angels


Copyright © 2012


8 thoughts on “Wounded Warriors~

  1. I enjoyed this…
    makes one pause and be still in our thoughts
    Thank you for sharing
    Take care…

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