The violin

Can forgive the past

It starts singing~

When the violin can stop worrying

About the future

You will become

Such a drunk laughing nuisance

That God

Will then lean down

and start combing you into

His hair~

When the violin can forgive

Every wound caused by


The heart starts



3 thoughts on “WHEN THE VIOLIN~

  1. “Watch for all that beauty reflecting from you
    and sing a love song to your existence.”

    • *•♪♫♪•*•♪*♫♪*•♪♫♪•*•♪*♫♪*•♪♫♪•*•♪*♫♪
      Singing Love Songs for Your existence right Now~<3

  2. ~so then…lets continue happily singing this sweet~sweet melody of eternal Love ~~

    ✿ღℓ σ √ ε ღ✿ܓ

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