Please Remind Me~!

Across the vast expanse of space 

within the seed of soul, 
this moment’s perfect presentation
is true, the only goal~

The magic of a child’s world 
before the yolk of pain,
the innocence we left behind 
is ours to Now reclaim~

Each moment holds the promise true 
of grandeur held within~
Each step which cracks the new frontier 
dissolves the myth of sin~

All that we have ever sought 
lies hidden in plain sight, 
woven in the tapestry 
within our darkest night~

I see in YOU the gentle truth 
your deepest heart’s desire, 
despite projections of your mind 
consumed by love’s sweet fire~

Remind me to 
remind you to 
remind me once again, 
of our shared divinity 
the spark we hold within~

Copyright © Satprem 2012


9 thoughts on “Please Remind Me~!

  1. Remind me to
    remind you to
    remind me once again,
    of our shared divinity
    the spark we hold within~

    ~Sharing our Divinity~ As One* Heart~

  2. This is exquisite and so deep. I love the “myth of sin” line, I wish all children could hold on to the fact that they are born good and just as they are meant to be.
    Hope your muse comes back soon – what is it that needs to find a voice? I heard a quote the other day ” that which matters can’t be spoken, and that which is spoken doesn’t matter”. It reminds me that there are deep places inside us which we pought to write out, but they are maybe too personal or too painful. Peace to you

    • Thank you Dear Celeste~ I haven’t had the time to either write Or read as of late but I see that your story is in full swing and when I have the time that your writing deserves, I’ll swing on by and take in the Full story, which I have read bits and pieces of~ I appreciate your visit here and your kind comments~ Blessings of Love~ 🙂

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