My motives seem so elusive,
mind so very shifty~

Convincing to the point of action.~

Reflection to uncover,
the reason for this pain~

Creator’s will so very simple,
“my” will brings grief and sorrow~

Illusion of choice, gifts to treasure
A rose still has its thorns~

Taste Beauty seed of creation
ignore the lie of separation~

Pray and seemingly receive answers,
ignore… and lie once more.

Give and be emptied~

To “merely me” I cannot offer,
the gifts I willingly give to an~other~

Too afraid to touch another’s heart,
too desperate not to~

Offering all that I Am
upon the altar of life.~

Accept or reject~?

A strong wing stirs my soul
and I am born anew~!

Just THIS~!


Copyright © 2012


Please… Do Not Forget~!

Do Not Forget Your Dreams~
Don’t let them be replaced by life’s normalcy~
Don’t cover them up with priorities~
Don’t hide them in fear or unworthiness~
Don’t allow your heart felt dreams to rot
from lack of attention, or the belief
that you cannot achieve them~
Your dreams are the only things that can fill
your hungry heart, feed your aching soul~
To stop dreaming is to resign yourself
to a living Death~ 
Do Not Forget Your Dreams~!!!


Copyright © 2012


Eloquence and dissidence
merge as one in my defense~

Open eyed, too blind to see,
the root of my Divinity~

The sleepers shuffle in the dark,
searching for their hidden spark~

Eyes turned out, they do not see,
the now that owns reality~

Proving ground for all their fears,
magnets for pain, for death and tears~

Forgetful drones can’t own their light,
caress their souls which shine so bright~

The deepest dreamers feel the blade,
the thorns of all their choices made~

Awakened ones doth feel the weight,
with perfect footsteps to their fate~

Filters for the worlds dark hate,
they hold the key to heaven’s gate~


Copyright © 2012

Ships of Love~

Borders crossed, paradigms shift,
ships of consistency run adrift~

Nowhere to grasp a note is found,
all ships save Love have have run aground~

Wishing to change the past’s dark season,
missing the moment, forgetting the reason~

Regret and remorse lay waste the chance
to mount this moment’s perfect dance~

That which confronts thee, here and now
will deluge the questions of why and how~

When you are lost in mind’s dark sections,
a hug or kind word will answer all questions~


Copyright © 2012


Words that pour like molten bliss,
sweet my muse’s tender kiss~

Joy that flows without a reason,
life springs forth despite the season~

Reasons fall like springs soft rain,
just Being is the prize I gain~

The path to nowhere leads me here,
and in this moment, finds no fear~

Dropping into waves of power,
I find within, my finest hour~

All I treasure, taste and see,
mirrors the love I’ve found in Thee~



Copyright © 2012

Spiritual Sun~


All vain and splendorous searchings reveal not the simple truth~
Hell uncovers the heart’s desire as pain endows the seekers toil
with rhythmic grace and turbulent bliss~
Knowledge mutes the simple truth….Within~
Experience marks the path of grace,
mind and time, each other’s master.~
Spinning webs of shadowed fate we march our animal shells
to the tune of survival’s melodic mumbo jumbo~
Forgetting only to re-member that which raised a Spiritual Sun,
that which has never NOT been ….Within~
Light, as darkness’s twin, births communion, duality conjoined…
interdependent…. inseparable ~
In breath out….out breath in,
lives un~spun, spin once again~


Copyright © 2012


Today is a good day to *see* that what we so easily deem “lower” energies or frequencies are merely ships which so gracefully carry us to the shores of the ONE truth~ A shore that “we” never departed from in the first place~ We will only return to what are being called “lower” forms of energy if we hold Anything as *Higher*. It is the mind’s very nature to do so, that it may experience this plane of existence in all of it’s texture, color, depth and exquisite manifestation ~ Only the mind can divide, compare… separate and judge~ Who we Truly Are has no opinion or preference in regard to the appearance and the seeming “Play” of opposites~
When *seen* through the quantum lens, there are only faster and slower, not higher or lower speeds of vibration or energy and even *seeing* THAT would imply and “experienc~er” and a witness to the experience~
What is called our Original ^state^ of essence has no capacity for dual comparisons, dwells Not in beginnings and ends, nor *sees* high, low, good or bad, for it Knows beyond knowing that the pathless path actually is No path and All paths simultaneously ~ Seemingly trading one’s Iron chains of hatred judgment, anger & self-condemnation for the Golden chains of what is deemed Spiritual or Higher vibration only gives credence and Power to the illusion of separation~
The “weariness” that is indeed experienced in the body/mind organism, is caused by the vain attempt to hold separately in consciousness, that which cannot be separated and exists Only as thought form in a mind which IS dual in nature~
By virtue of creating a mental construct of good, bad, right or wrong, what immediately manifests in the “appearance’ is its polar opposite~
Avoidance of what is seen as Lower and attempting to create what is seen as Higher, AS a Goal to Aspire towards, only gives power to an illusion that there are Two Paths… and there IS Only One~


MaidinSun Photography Copyright © 2012


Copyright © 2012