Within Your Heart~

I look upon creation’s song,
cast aside the right and wrong,
immerse myself within the throng,
forgive the thought, “I don’t belong”~

Everywhere I gaze, I see,
myself within humanity~
Billions of faces, all are me,
I cannot be apart from thee~

As I forgive the myth of sin,
I see the light of love within~
As I see nothing to atone,
I can embrace you as my own~

With this view the truth reveals,
in this Love the whole world heals~
With this sight I fall apart,
and find myself within your heart~

Copyright © Satprem 2012

When you forget~

In case you forgot that you’re already whole,
I’ll give you these words, the breath of my soul~

Just in case you woke up to thoughts filled with fear,
Let me re~mind you, so your vision is clear~

Perhaps, my Love, if your image is blurred,
just perhaps I can clear the view that’s obscured~

By chance if you open yourself unto me,
I’ll show you the truth of your own purity~

If you let me, I’ll mirror your own sacred Light, 
which sometimes gets hidden from your inner sight~

It’s easy for me to hold your heart dearly, 
until you begin to see your light clearly~

There is nothing on Earth that i’d rather do 
than to love you enough till you can love you~

















Copyright © Satprem 2012

Please Remind Me~!

Across the vast expanse of space 

within the seed of soul, 
this moment’s perfect presentation
is true, the only goal~

The magic of a child’s world 
before the yolk of pain,
the innocence we left behind 
is ours to Now reclaim~

Each moment holds the promise true 
of grandeur held within~
Each step which cracks the new frontier 
dissolves the myth of sin~

All that we have ever sought 
lies hidden in plain sight, 
woven in the tapestry 
within our darkest night~

I see in YOU the gentle truth 
your deepest heart’s desire, 
despite projections of your mind 
consumed by love’s sweet fire~

Remind me to 
remind you to 
remind me once again, 
of our shared divinity 
the spark we hold within~

Copyright © Satprem 2012

Beautiful Mirrors~

Mirror mirrors show me mine, 
reflect to me the pure divine~

If my view of you is clouded and dim, 
I have thrown myself on the altar of sin~

If I perceive in your heart only darkness and death, 
I have stolen the fragrance of Spirit’s sweet breath~

If beauty be seen and echoed through you, 
my healing is sure and my vision so true~

If you unfold yourself and are open to me, 
I will not mirror your lies or the guilt that you see~

If your mind filters not the depth of my story, 
you will fall in my eyes and at once know your glory~

You will see the true purpose for the seeds you have sown~
You will witness the Divine in my eyes as your own~

How could I not know you, for I now see you clearly~?
How could I not hold you and love you so dearly~?

The illusion of borders between you and I 
is the reason, the cause, and the root of the lie~


Copyright © Satprem 2012

Miracle Musings~

What was regarded as injustices done to one by someone else now becomes a call for help and for union. Sin, sickness and attack are seen as misperceptions calling for remedy through gentleness and love. Defences are laid down because where there is no attack there is no need for them. Our bothers’ needs become our own, because they are taking the journey with us as we go to God. Without us they would lose their way. Without them we could never find our own.


A Course in Miracles~ (ACIM)

Wounded Warriors~

I am moved by a force that is beyond my comprehension,
yet is All I can *see*and comprehend as being Real~
This force which creates and contains All,
is as gentle as the softest rose petal yet as Strong as the Oceans Tide~
This force, this Awesome Power IS the very foundation and is the 
Divine Creator of all of manifested and unseen form~
This impulse which Creates and sustains life as we know it is the invisible
thread of light that ties our souls together as One~
Do not question your life’s purpose any longer,
nor wonder as to your soul’s destiny here in this realm of existence~
No matter what form, function or *part* that you are “playing out”
in the appearance, your purpose and destiny is Always Love~
There is no need for spiritual resumes, perfect paths or lists of
deeds done in the name of what some call “good”~
For it is in the darkest depths of the shadow and pain that the true
Spiritual Army forges and wields the sentient sword of truth~
It is the “wounded warriors” on this planet (and We All Are),
whom have touched the very depths of the illusion,
In Themselves and unveiled its true identity, who carry
the Greatest Weapon of all, Love and Compassion for Ourselves,
in form and thus for all of humanity~
The Power to Forgive Ourselves for what we deem as bad and wrong
and to forgive the seeming “others” who we believe have harmed us
IS the power that will mold and shape the the destiny of this planet
and all generations to come~ 
Forgive those sleepy children who appear as Presidents, Kings and Rulers,
who were born (like you) Pure and Innocent and who were molded,
shaped and conditioned (like you) by their parents, peers, culture,
tradition and societal structures. 
This Forgiveness is truly the Power that IS and will continue to
Transform this paradigm of fear and lack into one of Abundance,
Love and Compassion for self… AS Other~ 
When I “show” I Love You, I Know I AM You~!”

Artwork by Sinja Aussia Angels


Copyright © 2012

Why am I Crying~?

I cry at the pain and intolerance I see~
I cry because I Know you are me~

I cry when you mourn as I have mourned too~
I cry when I forget that I am just you~

I cry at the joyful smile of a child~
I rejoice in the joy that You feel all the while~

I cry when I can’t make it better for you~
I cry at the lies that this world has made true~

I cry at starvation and war and in pain~
I cry as I dance in the warm summer’s rain~

I cry as I hold my child so close to me~
I cry because your child was taken from thee~

I cry for your loss and your deepest fears~
I cry till I feel like I have no more tears~

I cry for your pain and for All the rest~
I cry because my life is so blessed~


Copyright © 2012

The Seeker’s Song~

The search for love’s promised certitude brandished a broken heart~
“True Love” lied and languished in Disney Land delusions~
Time’s painful reproach surreptitiously surrendered~

Crumbling creation stirred forgotten forlorn fantasies~
Bleeding from the gaping wound of wanting anything else~
Badly bruised and broken, striped raw of hope’s wanton wish~

Desperately decaying and denying death’s delight~
Reaching, grasping, clawing for the past’s perfect presentation~
Knowing Only a script of memorized, methodical monologues~

All desirous dreams destroyed in faith’s fiery inferno~
Emptied and as hollow as hell’s hidden harmony~
Birthed once again by misery’s mischievous midwife~

The seeker prostrated to the purpose in the pain~
Embraced the dancing demon in the darkness~
Deliciously destroyed by Lover and Beloved~
Simply sighed in sweet surrender~

Copyright © Satprem 2012

The Last Dance~

As the belief systems implode upon themselves, 
as the identities crash to their foundations… I am emptied~

The dark night has, as always, been the creatrix of awakenings~ 
Death has once again birthed a formless form, an energy spin~

I am the ashes upon the altar of the beloved~
I am the chaos which consumates completion~ 
I am the beginning and the end and all that lay between~

The spiral dance thirsts not for completion, 
spins eternity’s web of seeming life and death~ 
Always coming home, always home…all ways, 
even as the trickster comes to sup~

To serve empty eternal promises and presumptive peace~

Offering moments of eruptive rest between the harsh breaths of this mortal majesty~

Divine feminine and Holy masculine, united, bound, bonded, 
joined as one… paired for the last dance…omega.

Nowhere, Now Here to go.. I go, never having left… 
Nothing, No Thing to do, I remain beyond loss and gain~ 

Be… I Am~


Copyright © 2012

Photo Credit goes to Terri Nakamura

The “Other”~

I am me, then there is he~ 
He, who is fragmented, un-whole, dirty~ 
He, who sees only incompletion and regret~ 
He, who hears naught but whispers of lack~

I am me, then there is he~ 
He, the odd one who can’t fit the mold~ 
He, who feels smothered by his own skin~ 
He who’s feet can’t touch the earth~

I am me, then there is he~ 
He, who is small, frail, girlish at best~ 
He, who is shunned, shamed, chosen last~ 
He, who is never enough, enough for me~

I am me, not the other who casts shadows~ 
Day and night shadows come to play~ 
I cannot gaze into my own reflection, 
for I know not the mirror’s depth, 
or the boy I will find within~

I am me , then there is he~

Written age 13

Copyright © Satprem 2012