I cannot be better than you,
you cannot be worse than me 
separation dies and we are free~

Beautiful child~ Perfect Being,
Let me share what I am seeing~

Mirroring Spirit’s sacred song,
above the field of right and wrong~
Inseparable, our hearts as one,
sharing breath and sacred Sun~

The choice is ours, transcend perception,
Owning you as my reflection~

Layers of pale perception pealed,
the view of  “you” and a “me” is healed~

Spinning cells are merged in motion,
droplets in the same vast ocean~

Barriers broken, borders gone,
our simple souls sing one grand song~

Symphonic triumph as notes get clearer,
Honoring you as my own mirror~



Copyright © 2012

Photography by Simon Zapletan

On Being Human~

Witness to our own becoming,
ever too aware of our humanity
and its snare of mortal trepidation~

Beginnings and ends are silenced
by that which calls us hither~

Divinity seeks to slay the unborn
flesh laden chamber of painful bliss~

Oh, to be human, to labor and to toil,
to love and to lose, to sow and to reap~

Harvesting fruit which drips of candied promises
which rot and return to the bosom of their origin~

In the beautiful, perfect cyclic season
of our re-births…together.



Copyright © 2012