Passing States~

Thank you, Paul @ for your post today, reminded me of writing this some time ago whilst chasing those *experiences”, endlessly….4Eva~ 🙂


It seems that one of the “drivers” in the search is a desire to have an experience called “peace of mind”… and this may or may not happen upon awakening to our true nature, but with all “experiences”, it too shall pass~
It is the mind’s very nature to be active, in movement and to divide~ It has been said that mind *creates* the world we see~ So Let’s Let It Do Its Thing~ 🙂
It is important, methinks, to really dissect (using this mind), one’s expectations around the Enlightenment, Awakening , Realization, Liberation paradigm~
Most seekers have a false belief around the “result department”, in that what we have read or heard about these things quite often leads one to believe that states of bliss, peace and serenity are a direct byproduct of a successful search~
This goal orientated journey always leads to frustration because the experiences, sensations and feelings are Not who we Are and will Always come and go, come and go, come and go~~ (But In~Joy them while they permeate the Now you’re IN~)
One may actually think that they have “Got It” and yummy feelings may arise in the body/mind, but when these feelings pass away, as feelings Always do, one is left even more frustrated than before and will spend countless hours (decades) trying to get back to a constant and permanent  *sense* of peace and bliss… to no avail~ Simply because the pendulum Must swing both ways~~

Do we think that Consciousness or Awakening are not big enough to include ALL passing states, even Anger or Fear?
Let us examine this “me” (fictitious) character and its expectations or beliefs, First about its own validity (as a separate entity or thing) and second, about its expectations or beliefs around this seemingly elusive *Awakening*~
Passing states, spiritual experiences, human experiences, ALL experiences will come and go~~~~ Who or what we ARE does Not come and go and allows All things to pass before It, in It or on It~

Copyright © Satprem 2012


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