Life carries me on, toward and from~
Movement seduces time, and I come~ 

The endless search, a parade of nothings,
Showy, vast, colorful emptiness~

Enthroned, a King of Now,
Pain is my scepter,
wrought with jeweled weighty dross~

The crown slips down,
Too large and heavy
For the child underneath…
and I cry for a loss, 
beyond mortal consequence,
beyond anything earthly.

I am torn, ripped…
through and through,
separated from my Mother’s breast,
beaten down by gravity’s hard rule~

Blinded and guided by
a million earthly treasures, 
I pursue them all~ 
I must taste them all…
And I DO~

Sweet, my Lovers lips and tongue,
As they taste mine own~
Ecstasy too rare and beautiful to disguise~

Home to Spirit in Flesh…
A rose too beautiful not to smell~ 
A thorn left to shred away,
Any doubt that remains~



Copyright © 2012