Pink Floyd~

Us and Them~Us and Them~


To my Sweet Tamika~ Wish you were Here~!


Time~ What an illusion~


Just Breathe~


Shine ON~!


Echoes / Live at Pompeii~

4 thoughts on “Pink Floyd~

  1. I love Pink Floyd and their poetry and passion moves me deeply. I love how you have shared from many of their different albums here. All favorites! I know that in the darkest time of my life after a personal tragedy a few years ago, I was inconsolable and the only song that could touch me.. to work its way into my shattered heart, was Brain Damage which I would enjoy with Eclipse right afterwards. Something comforted me to know my devastating pain was perfectly described … I did feel like there was no room left atop the hill… and that my band had started playing different tunes. Anyways, look at me going on. I just adore the music and writings of Pink Floyd. And YOU for sharing of yourself in these pages. ~Namaste~ Gina

    • Indeed~! They are my Absolute Favorite~! I had the great fortune of seeing the “Wall” tour with Rodger Waters a month ago~ Not my favorite album by them but certainly made its mark on my in my late teens~ 🙂

      • WoW ~amazing~ Good for you! Yes not all is happy on that album for sure but in my youth I memorized every word in Comfortably Numb and would recite aloud with friends if we had to walk any distance. They certainly wrote ‘stories’. 🙂

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