The Last Dance~

As the belief systems implode upon themselves,
as the identities crash to their foundations… I am emptied~

The dark night has, as always, been the creatrix of awakenings~
Death has once again birthed a formless form, an energy spin~

I am the ashes upon the altar of the beloved~
I am the chaos which consumates completion~
I am the beginning and the end and all that lay between~

The spiral dance thirsts not for completion,
spins eternity’s web of seeming life and death~
Always coming home, always home…all ways,
even as the trickster comes to sup~

To serve empty eternal promises and presumptive peace~

Offering moments of eruptive rest between the harsh breaths of this mortal majesty~

Divine feminine and Holy masculine, united, bound, bonded,
joined as one… paired for the last dance…omega.

Nowhere, Now Here to go.. I go, never having left…
Nothing, No Thing to do, I remain beyond loss and gain~ 

Be… I Am~



Copyright © 2012

Photo Credit goes to Terri Nakamura

Shattered Image~??

Shattered image conditioned prison,
breaking molds of I’s and isms~
Stripped raw core, no grand design,
affluent matrix so divine~

Attract, repel, the tone doth guide~
As heaven’s child, one cannot hide
Beginnings and ends merge and collide,
darkness and light mirrored inside~

Beliefs and dogmas, systems of thought,
dust and ashes… metamorphic rot~
Becoming the root of the joy you have sought,
Owning the emptiness of all you have bought~

Ripples of life course through your veins,
distant memories of your woes and your pains~
Stark realizations, NO action in vain,
Satprem as vibration is all that remains~

Tonal frequency, identity crashes,
Truth seeps in opaque flashes~
What began in the heart seduces the mind~
While seeking Nirvana, it’s you that you find~


Copyright © 2012