Gray Image~

Not satisfied with who you see, 
the mirrored image lies to thee~

Compared in thought your mind projects, 
sifts and strains, retains, rejects~

Computerized and digitized 
original sin is realized~

Guilt creeps in and steals from you, 
your child’s eyes and faith so true~

Wondrous world of innocence, 
dies in right and wrong’s defense~

Purpose lost, you cling and hold, 
reshape your clay to fit the mold~

No longer satisfied with you, 
seek what you deem is right and true~

Your mind projects divinity, 
and buries your humanity~

Imprisoned in a fortress strong, 
gray and dim your child’s song~

Color and light, all but gone and 
death becomes your wishful dawn~

Copyright © Satprem 2012


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