Searching the finite threads of mortality 
for some meaning or pattern in the 
Infinite’s dance of thoughtless neutrality~

Having climbed the fast inconscient realms 
of supreme ignorance and having fallen 
face down in the web of duality, he finally 
suckles the sweet and pregnant nothingness 
that is here when all else is gone~ 
I Am That I Am!

Every experience, a golden rung on 
the ladder of accension, each a blessing 
above the lie of right and wrong~

The gutter births a king, a saint, a prophet 
who’s heart knows all, who’s mind is empty, 
who’s lips are sealed~

The great pretender glimpses the shadowy 
outlines of his own sweet lie, but trembles not 
in the face of fearful fancy~

For he knows beyond knowing that circles 
are not circles unless complete, through 
the gift of dark ignorance, degredation, 
utter humiliation and annhilation~
I Am That I AM~

Copyright © Satprem 2012


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