Love Exists~

Divine Creator~

Your grace falls upon me

like warm , gentle rain showers~

Soothing my aching, parched heart

with your nourishing love~

Soaking into the depths of my soul,

releasing a soft, deep sigh

For the hope touched,

the sheer relief of knowing,

of having felt it within me,

That an unfathomable love

such as This

Does Exist~

Copyright © Satprem 2012


6 thoughts on “Love Exists~

    • These are works that have been written for awhile and the wave takes on a different shape nowadays~ I am calling it… “Finding fun and creative ways to play with my kids and Grand kids during the Summer break~ 🙂 I found the pict. on a friends wall on FaceBook, when I used to play there~ It’s Beautiful, huh? Love to you, Dear Soul~

  1. So beautifully, expressed, from the depth of a soul that knows…because he has the courage to reveal the spirit and anchor it in the heart of matter, in the humans here on earth, we all suffer together, webeone. Papa

    • Ahhhh, my Daddy~ I LOVE when you visit here~! When I read your thoughts here, I see your Beautiful Being in my minds “I” and rest there, content and Filled with your Love for your Son~

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