All is as it should be~

It’s too good to be true, this unusual view, 
that all is as it should be now~

These feelings that seem mine, taste of the divine, 
aren’t feelings, but life lived in the Tao~

Balance it did seem, a far off misty dream. 
To seek it was to deny its very source~

Balance exists not, a future goal to be sought, 
but relies upon the total lack of force~

Effortless surrender is to finally remember 
that which we think that we forgot~

To dream that I’m awake is to be aware of the mistake 
that I am just the product of a thought~

When I become the thought indeed,
not just the fruit borne of the seed, 
the Creator’s hand becomes my very own~

Sacred loom and I are one
and from the same thread we are spun, 
before the question’s asked, the answer’s known~

Copyright © Satprem 2012


4 thoughts on “All is as it should be~

    • This piece was a really fun one to have flow through my fingertips and the feeling and taste of it still resides in heart and mind~ Love to you and yours, Gina~ Thank you Always for your visits here~ 🙂

    • Mmmm, Yes, tis true and now my job is to reflect that in words~ All I have and do is merely to share it with you… All~ Blessed by your visits here~ 🙂

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