Akin to life’s pain and perishable passions and ground to a fine dusty powder twas once the cornerstone of an illusion, so finely constructed and fashioned in a quarry of learned deceit~

Ashes of wishes for anything else were blown from hearth by a single breath of grace in a dimly lit room neither blessed by candle nor window’s promised light~

The lone searcher kindled the fire of his deepest need with the fodder of his darkest fears~

Blessed not by sleep’s promised quietude his mind grew weary of its own merry~go~round of madness and turning in upon its own sweet lie, finally re~cognized an imperishable peace~

The movement of thought and the silence of no thought joined in union and were no more~

A goal~less ember, extracted from the heart of the dying fire, knew not fear nor peace but joined as one in divine communion, burned to ash by the heat’s glorious sacrament ~

Copyright © Satprem 2012


4 thoughts on “ASHES~

    • Yes~! We are All singing each others song~ So beautifully, we *see* each other in ourselves and the walls of separation (merely apparition) crumble onto dust~ 🙂

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