Rest AS the Goal~

There IS no journey to “This Right Here”, 
though movement and time seem to appear~

We cannot arrive if we’ve never departed
and all of our journeys just end where they started~

No seeking required in this simple solution,
as the search itself creates the confusion~

The “me” yearns intently for THIS holy reunion,
while already immersed in its sacred communion~

The mind cannot grasp nor survive in this *s p a c e*,
cannot comprehend the depth of THIS grace~

There is nothing at all, apart from the whole,
and in *seeing* this truth, we rest AS the goal~


Copyright © 2012


4 thoughts on “Rest AS the Goal~

  1. I rather think that these lines emphasize that there is no journey… and they do so with your trademark wit and eloquence, Satprem. Well said 🙂

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