Love Fearlessly~

I find your love intoxicating, and 
long to drink of your very essence~

You soothe me like the morning sun, 
reflecting off the placid lake of 
my deepest dreams~

My heart is enraptured, 
caught by yours in the snare 
of Holy Union~

Your eyes have witnessed 
my darkest season, 
only to be opened again 
at the dawn of my Spirit’s 
grand and utter triumph~

Our Love , a bond of sweet and 
eternal human devotion~
to the ONE, thus to ourselves 
and each other~

I long to touch, to feel and to heal 
your deepest wound, in the proving ground 
of life’s grand and succulent torment~

Our path together, an accent to realms 
of lofty azure bliss~
Our live’s heartbeat 
a gentle rhythmic triumph~

I will Love you forever, even as the spell 
of time concludes our mission here~

For Kelly~


Copyright © 2012


4 thoughts on “Love Fearlessly~

    • Oh Thank you, Celeste~ Kelly, whom this was written for has long since flown away, like the beautiful Mariposa that she is~ She is a good friend now and we have a Beautiful Son, Caspian~ He will keep us connected and I am grateful for the Love that she and I shared~ Blessings~ 🙂

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