Beyond Time and Space~

This mysterious, magical manifestation
with its constantly changing, evolving creation,
rests not for one moment in its fluid vibration
and all answers are found in the question’s negation~

With no effort or movement, no searching or goal,
when we see beyond form with the eyes of the soul,
the facade falls away and with it, control
and the you that seemed separate, at once is made whole~

With no reason for joy, one is still overjoyed,
when the “natural state” in seen and employed.
Whilst seeking your purpose the “you” is destroyed,
as the seeker and sought collide in the void~

When all that seems real dissolves into place
and the formless abyss steals your name and your face,
your inner eye opens to the *One* seamless grace
and you rest in the clearing beyond time and space~


Copyright Β© 2012


18 thoughts on “Beyond Time and Space~

  1. The beauty of dwelling within, the moment of silence,the moment of being free from all the consciousness… to remain static… no words for such bliss..

  2. I have just created a page on blogger to be able to vote for you .I don’t love it : ( they keep saying “Once you’ve enough reputation you’ll be able to this and that. Promise! ” what if i don’t have enough reputation ? Happily ,I was able to vote and follow you . πŸ™‚

  3. as the photo reflects life and beyond so do your words..
    I like this very much
    Take care…

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