Musings on Love~

Love is, to me, in This Moment, the very foundation of all that IS, and like breathing, needs no practice~ 
I cannot mentally “know” love, yet I feel that I can show love in each and every breath, in each thought, word and deed~ 
Still yet, the perceptive lenses through which the seeming “others” receive what “I” deem love, are as multifarious as the multitude itself~ 
Love in Action, minus the moralistic and romantic undertones, is to me the Complete surrender or giving away of what has been termed “The smaller self” *ME*, in service to the Larger Selves *US*~
In short, When I say “I Love You”, what I am really saying is that “I AM YOU”~
A few little pieces I have penned over the seeming span of years~ Musings on what is called Love~
If in your sweet and salient soul,
beyond the mind’s incessant goal,
you find in truth Love’s lofty role,
you will have reached your final goal~
The light in you, you cannot hide,
for Love sees true, your Heart inside~
It is my purpose through and through, 
to realize my~self As you~
Across the vast expanse of space~
Love’s elixir Heals this race~
Deep within the seed of Soul~
To Be this Love, my Only Goal~
Reasons seasons rhythms rhymes,
Only Love can change the times~
Today right Now in heart and home,
Love is Grandest Living poem~
Copyright © Satprem 2012

11 thoughts on “Musings on Love~

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    • WoW~! A Master who is still and apprentice and just now actually “learning” about this craft~ Thank you, HH and if you talk to my kids, they will surely spin tales of my wisdumb for your entertainment~
      lol 😉 really glad for your visit and kind words~

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