A Blind Man’s Eyes~

Lost in who I think I am,
without a clue to the master plan~

A pawn, a poet, a puppet, a man~
Will someone please tell me who I am?

What is the reason ? Do I search in vain ?
Grasping for answers creating this pain~

Clinging to memories of a youthful time~
No reasons, just seasons in childhood’s mind~

I see the stone that lies in the road,
and yet once again I carry its load~

What is the reason? Do I search in vain?
Grasping for answers creating this pain~

So loved and so lonely, imprisoned by self~
Cutting the bond to creation’s vast wealth~

Heir to all the beauty I see,
a blind mans’ eyes staring only at me~

Desire, the fire, it burns and it sears.
Eyes become cloudy and I no longer hear~

What is the reason? Do I search in vain?
Grasping for answers, creating this pain~

Copyright © Satprem 2012


10 thoughts on “A Blind Man’s Eyes~

    • Well Thank you, Dear One~ I wrote this at a Very befuddled time in my existence, after the Woman who raised me, passed away~
      She was a saint, who gave herself away in service to Everyone who had the great fortune of touching her life~ She died in a car accident on her Birthday and I couldn’t fathom a “God” who would take such a selfless servant away in this manner~ Nor could I grasp the concept of Karma, as this Lady did nothing but Good in her life~ This event caused me to question just about Everything in my life,,,especially “me”~

  1. Oh Satprem.. this is glorious. And that your dear one was taken suddenly, and on her birthday, how heartbreaking. The only thought that comes to my mind with such a tragedy is that her sweet selfless soul was urgently needed in… well whatever we shall call it, Light, Love, God… doing the work of an angel. I do tread into the indescribable here, but I just feel she was needed elsewhere. With love and gratitude for you, ~Gina

    • In some Native American traditions it is the highest of honors to leave the earth on the day you were born~ Thank you for your kindness, wisdom and sensitivity~

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