Wave and Ocean~ Re~post~


Truth is the only thing which is at rest and without movement~
This “truth” can also be called “That which we Are”~
We Are the screen of awareness upon which the play of life unfolds AS appearance~
Each aspect of what can be seen, heard, smelled, touched, tasted and *experienced*,rises from and returns to the silent awareness (or No~Thing~ness) which we in fact Are~
One could say that silence or empty space is the birthplace of all that is manifested~
Not a dead, empty, lifeless space or silence, but one filled with endless possibility and potentiality and one that is actually Full and not separate from anything which arises within it~
What we Are does not appear and disappear, does not come and go and yet is not separate from the movement which is witnessed by the *seer*~
Seeking this silent awareness as a “place” which is free from noise and distraction completely contradicts the inherent *Awareness* which we Are~
How can we seek for that which we Are, or as St. Francis apparently said… “That which we are looking For Is what is looking”~
We can very well shut ourselves off from the world, close our doors to it’s constant and sometimes annoying chaos and actually find a ^sense^ of peace and quietude, yet if it were the Peace “which surpasses all understanding”, it would Not be dependent upon any circumstances or anything outside of itself to simply Be~
Yes, it is easier to re~cognize our true nature in the silence and serenity of the forest, but the peace that we Are is Always and Forever Present AS *Who We Are*~ It cannot be found only in the temple, the monastery, the forest or in a quiet room with our eyes closed, because it Is the Very Heart of our true identity~
There are no unnecessary distractions and no need to “maintain” that which we already Are~
When I attempt to “find” what is called “peace”, I immediately set myself up for disappointment because I AM what I am looking for~
When “I” rest AS THIS, then all activity is *seen* as inseparable from the Awareness or Peace from which is arises~ Yes, waves Do appear, yet the Ocean is Who We Are~

Copyright © Satprem 2012

This Re~post seemed applicable to the previous musings on some non~dual perspectives~ I would Love to start a conversation on these “views”, if anyone or any non~person would care to engage this topic~ I AM, as all Are, a work in progress… Open to new discoveries and very willing to be wrong or at least “deluded” ~ lolz~ 😉


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