Separate View~~

Identities, my own, too numerable to mention, all clinging to me~ 
Longing to just be, free from who I think I am~ 
How do I fit in?
I don’t~
Trying to find a way to relax in this world, with you~ 
I want the separate view to be gone~
I want to be comfortable with you~ 
We talk… this and that… chit-chat~ 
I say… I am this and I watch you to see what you think~ 
I observe you to see how you react~
If there is discomfort, then I will change my story…
So that I will feel OK, so that you will feel OK~ 
We find a common thread… a mutual illusion~ 
Am I lying, am I deceiving you, am I deceiving me???
The programming kicks in…I watch the mind~ 
How do I look?
Oh my GOD, I’m naked… singing songs of separation~!


Copyright © Satprem 2012


4 thoughts on “Separate View~~

  1. LOL ;-), Paul…Indeed~! Sam, you have that key on lock~down (teehee) and you express yourself So Very Well~ It is always a pleasure and a learning experience to take in your words, woven wonderfully~ 🙂 Satprem~

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