Being The Creation~


As I stare at the delicate and intricate patterns of the aspen leaves in my front yard,

I am reminded how small and contained my world is~

As I gaze off into the vast reaches of space, I breathe a sigh of relief,
a breath of humility at how little I know~

As I feel my inner-connection with all of life,
I am reminded that I forgot something, back
there…somewhere, a long time ago~

I am so busy being the Creator that I forgot how to just Be the creation~

As I take a moment out of the busy busy of my movie to just sit and
stare at a river, and let my “important” thoughts be washed away by it ,
I begin to feel a deep perfection, an infallible design which permeates all that is~

I can rest here…without knowing~

I can trust in “Just This” without wondering why… or figuring it out~

As I Get Here, again and again and yet again,
I realize that I have really been asleep in my comfortable box,
imprisoned by unconscious action, and blind to Eden and all of her Glory~

Creator says to me… “Here, I give you all you have ever dreamed of,
Heaven on Earth and I share all that I Am with you”~
“All you have to do is show up in the Moment and receive it”~

I say… “Wait a minute, I have a better idea, a bigger, broader plan”~
Creator chuckles softly and says… “Okay I’ll wait… I’ll always be here”~
“You can’t get lost, my address never changes~
It is always Here…Now… Within you”~

Copyright © Satprem 2012


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