Here Again~

Standing still with view of no resolve~ 

Drifting endlessly on life’s rhythmic torrent~ 

Alone in my utterance of Thy holy truth~

Brief encounter with Thy eternal, ever present rapture~

Longing to dissolve in… No Preference~ 

Changing and not knowing or seeing…
with limited structured mind,
the path of change wherein I have being~

Unable to track or categorize…
seeking progress reports…to feed the ego’s fire~ 

Afraid to see your Holy Truth,
to claim my own as inseparable from Thee~

Cast among a throng of thinking machines,
I find myself alone~

A forgotten language lingers…

I speak in tongues which have no home,
to those who’s eyes and ears fall prey to times demise~ 

No comfort to those who prefer this over that,
who dance the dance of want and dislike~

I breathe and find myself here, with you, again… No Thought~

Copyright © Satprem 2012


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