Words that pour like molten bliss,
sweet my muse’s tender kiss~

Joy that flows without a reason,
life springs forth despite the season~

Reasons fall like springs soft rain,
just Being is the prize I gain~

The path to nowhere leads me here,
and in this moment, finds no fear~

Dropping into waves of power,
I find within, my finest hour~

All I treasure, taste and see,
mirrors the love I’ve found in Thee~



Copyright © 2012

4 thoughts on “Waves~

    • OH~! Thank You, Roses~ Another pristine night, when Love was filling my heart and the Moment, So Beautifully Present had it’s way with my Soul~ 🙂

  1. Incredibly beautiful poem.. so loving… so eloquent. And I like what you said in your comment to the lovely Arabian Roses, that the poem ‘had it’s way with’ your Soul. Isn’t it wonderful how our very best works seem to write themselves… if we will just get out of the way? Thank you for sharing this poem. Blessings and Light, Gina

  2. Thank you~! Yes, a lot of what I write, Writes Itself and I read it afterwards, thinking….Who wrote that~ lol 😉 I Love that you are enjoying my work~~~ That is the Why of my writing~ Blessings to you, Dear Soul~

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