Spiritual Sun~


All vain and splendorous searchings reveal not the simple truth~
Hell uncovers the heart’s desire as pain endows the seekers toil
with rhythmic grace and turbulent bliss~
Knowledge mutes the simple truth….Within~
Experience marks the path of grace,
mind and time, each other’s master.~
Spinning webs of shadowed fate we march our animal shells
to the tune of survival’s melodic mumbo jumbo~
Forgetting only to re-member that which raised a Spiritual Sun,
that which has never NOT been ….Within~
Light, as darkness’s twin, births communion, duality conjoined…
interdependent…. inseparable ~
In breath out….out breath in,
lives un~spun, spin once again~


Copyright © 2012

4 thoughts on “Spiritual Sun~

  1. Beautiful! I love the poem AND the picture with the soft warm colors. I admire your honesty & sincerity. I’m also a beginner on WordPress, learning the ins & outs. There’s a lot to learn, it takes a while. You have a great site here.

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