Today is a good day to *see* that what we so easily deem “lower” energies or frequencies are merely ships which so gracefully carry us to the shores of the ONE truth~ A shore that “we” never departed from in the first place~ We will only return to what are being called “lower” forms of energy if we hold Anything as *Higher*. It is the mind’s very nature to do so, that it may experience this plane of existence in all of it’s texture, color, depth and exquisite manifestation ~ Only the mind can divide, compare… separate and judge~ Who we Truly Are has no opinion or preference in regard to the appearance and the seeming “Play” of opposites~
When *seen* through the quantum lens, there are only faster and slower, not higher or lower speeds of vibration or energy and even *seeing* THAT would imply and “experienc~er” and a witness to the experience~
What is called our Original ^state^ of essence has no capacity for dual comparisons, dwells Not in beginnings and ends, nor *sees* high, low, good or bad, for it Knows beyond knowing that the pathless path actually is No path and All paths simultaneously ~ Seemingly trading one’s Iron chains of hatred judgment, anger & self-condemnation for the Golden chains of what is deemed Spiritual or Higher vibration only gives credence and Power to the illusion of separation~
The “weariness” that is indeed experienced in the body/mind organism, is caused by the vain attempt to hold separately in consciousness, that which cannot be separated and exists Only as thought form in a mind which IS dual in nature~
By virtue of creating a mental construct of good, bad, right or wrong, what immediately manifests in the “appearance’ is its polar opposite~
Avoidance of what is seen as Lower and attempting to create what is seen as Higher, AS a Goal to Aspire towards, only gives power to an illusion that there are Two Paths… and there IS Only One~


MaidinSun Photography Copyright © 2012


Copyright © 2012

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