My motives seem so elusive,
mind so very shifty~

Convincing to the point of action.~

Reflection to uncover,
the reason for this pain~

Creator’s will so very simple,
“my” will brings grief and sorrow~

Illusion of choice, gifts to treasure
A rose still has its thorns~

Taste Beauty seed of creation
ignore the lie of separation~

Pray and seemingly receive answers,
ignore… and lie once more.

Give and be emptied~

To “merely me” I cannot offer,
the gifts I willingly give to an~other~

Too afraid to touch another’s heart,
too desperate not to~

Offering all that I Am
upon the altar of life.~

Accept or reject~?

A strong wing stirs my soul
and I am born anew~!

Just THIS~!


Copyright © 2012

4 thoughts on “Motives~

  1. This is such an amazing poem.. honest… powerful. All of it is wonderful, and I especially enjoy ‘Give and be emptied’. Thank you so much for sharing it here! And I am curious.. Was this wonderful poem the inspiration for naming your blog “Just This”? Or maybe this blog inspired the poem..? 🙂 Be well friend. ~Gina

  2. Thank you Gina~ No, neither, well at least not consciously~ The title of the blog is more of an affirmation or re~minder, when the fretting mind goes back into the past with regret or remorse or forward into the seeming future in fear and anticipation that ***JUST THIS*** is all that is really real~ It’s kind of the way that I learned to “ground out” into the Now, which is Always Present~ 🙂 Glad you in~joyed this one~

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