Life Is a Verb~~


Life happened on the day my first child was born
and on the day when my sweet child died~

It happened as I was wrapped in my lover’s arms
and again when she left and I cried~

Life happened one morning while riding my bike,
one evening while sipping some tea~

It happened when I was changing a diaper
when I looked in your eyes and saw me~

Life happened one day while washing the dishes
and once again sitting next to the river~

It happens when I feel selfishly alone
and when I am *seen* as a giver~

Life happens when I feel locked in a prison
and when my soul seems to break free~

By chance it keeps happening despite what *I* do,
so I think that I’ll just let it be~


Copyright © 2012


2 thoughts on “Life Is a Verb~~

    • Tee Hee~ “Life Happened”~ I am actually going to edit this one…thank you for asking the right question~ This piece was inspired by the popular phrase (here in the USA) “Life Happens”~ I was just in an observational mood, about how no matter what I’m doing, life just continues to change and flow, while the “witness” or “I” never changes~ Kind of an Adviatan (Non Dual) perspective or view~

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