Simple silence quiets complications~
Child like love heals all the nations~

Questions are answered in a butterflies dance~ 
Mental mirages have not a chance~

Crushing wild flowers on the way to the Guru,
or enthroned in the moment as life courses through you~

Merely a channel of the love so inherent~ 
The answers we seek are, oh so apparent~

Each touch or each word to mirror love’s design,
The universe opens to unleash the divine~



Copyright © 2012


6 thoughts on “Simplicity~

    • Thank Goddess that this high school dropout continued to read a Lot of books~ Flunked English and absolutely suck in the grammar and punctuation department~What I know about writing “styles” or names thereof, you could fit into a thimble~ Thank you though~ WriteOn~!

  1. Beautiful poetry Satprem, crushing wild flowers on the way to the guru. But where (who) is the guru? I am blessed to find you here brother and cannot wait to read more. Namaste and light!

    • _(*)_ Namaste’~ The “Guru” for me when I wrote this was Anything ahead, above or in the future that might bring me peace~ In other words Any attainment that wasn’t Present Now~ Glad that you are in~joy~ing the words here~ 🙂

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