Journey Ends~

The apex of this grand mortal monotony,
a seeker finds only vain and mute ignorance~
Laughs at life’s seeming goals of naught,
but seeks still, for nothing’s eternal peace~
Dancing within destiny’s proud birthright,
knowing only unworthiness and shame~
Builds and burns bridges of empty chance,
trods wearily towards death’s imminent promise~
Fruitless, his wanderings and seeming discoveries here
upon this plane of pale and cold mortality~
Chance rules the question’s burning heart~
Only Now he finds the crack of truth within~ 
Driven by a hundred lifetimes of grief,
only Now he knows that painful joy
of having lived and loved and lied again~
In that deafening moment of nothingness,
the journey ends where it began~~



Copyright © 2012

4 thoughts on “Journey Ends~

    • Thank you So so much~ I’m not accepting awards at this very moment, but I truly appreciate the kind gesture and when I get more familiar with “blogging”, this community, “wordpress” and the work of other bloggers, I will accept, participate and nominate~ Blessings of Love~

  1. Thank you for your kind comment~ I look forward to perusing more of your blog~ Being brand new in the blogging whirled, I am still learning how to navigate and use this avenue of expression to its fullest~ Blessings of love to you and yours~

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