Life carries me on, toward and from~
Movement seduces time, and I come~ 

The endless search, a parade of nothings,
Showy, vast, colorful emptiness~

Enthroned, a King of Now,
Pain is my scepter,
wrought with jeweled weighty dross~

The crown slips down,
Too large and heavy
For the child underneath…
and I cry for a loss, 
beyond mortal consequence,
beyond anything earthly.

I am torn, ripped…
through and through,
separated from my Mother’s breast,
beaten down by gravity’s hard rule~

Blinded and guided by
a million earthly treasures, 
I pursue them all~ 
I must taste them all…
And I DO~

Sweet, my Lovers lips and tongue,
As they taste mine own~
Ecstasy too rare and beautiful to disguise~

Home to Spirit in Flesh…
A rose too beautiful not to smell~ 
A thorn left to shred away,
Any doubt that remains~



Copyright © 2012


4 thoughts on “Thorns~

  1. Wow, you’ve intoxicated me with your words, you really have a gift of putting the reader into a world of emotion and experience. This poem reminds me of a mixture of The Song of Solomon and Paul’s Epistle to the Romans. Odd comparison perhaps, but read in light of what you express in your message those biblical books take on a new light.

    Btw, is the artwork yours as well?


    • Don’t know much about the Bible, save the red words that I have read, but ThanQ, HD, for your kind words~ I am honored that you would take the time to come play here~ Nay, the artwork is a friends~ I cannot draw a good stick figure~ lol~ ;0-)

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