A Perfect Footstep~

The continuity of a powerless play,
A subtle frequency which holds fear at bay,
A dance of the moment which begs me to stay,
A fire eternal illuminates the way~

Many dances through a myriad of moons,
A deathless season of vibrational monsoons,
A journey backward, yet forward to the womb,
A silent calling unearths the mental tomb~

Silence rises to consume a fortress strong,
Falling forward into realms of endless song,
A hopeful heaven right here before the throng,
Elusive moments, to rest where we belong~

Nothing to conquer, no endless search in vain,
A seed of beauty borne of bitter pain,
The death of reason, eternal life anew,
Heaven’s elsewhere mirrors heaven’s home in you~

Atop the mountain yet drenched in gutter’s ooze,
A mute perception unlocks uncharted hues,
A perfect footstep leads forward on to death, 
A foolish fumble awakens your next breath~



Copyright © 2012


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